Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Studying the classics.

Day Something-or-Other: Monday
9am: Wonder if slow motion will sneak by motion detector. Move very, very, slowly whenever in restroom. Success. Briefly. Successful until boredom sets in. Have no patience for this method.

Day Forever: Tuesday
7:45am: Have set off malicious device three times since waking up at 6. New record. Excited for work--decide to use restroom often, relishing in fresh air.
5pm: Not surprised at familiar hissing sound. Swear half-heartedly at box. Remember fondly time when box needed refill. Family was lazy. Refill was slow in coming.
Am reminded of something about keeping enemies close? New. Plan. Will not outsmart box! Will befriend box. Resolve to spend all waking hours in home setting off device. Wave hands in front of box and run every 30 minutes. On. The. Dot. Consider this "taking one for the team"...team of one. Team Amanda. ...Sentiment stands. Figure that only so much "clean linen" poison can be contained in tiny box. This is far from over.

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