Friday, November 06, 2009

Notes from the week.

A few things from the classroom this week with my little darlings...

On Thursday, A built a castle out of blocks. "Who lives there?" I asked.
"You do."
"I do? It's beautiful! Who else lives there?"
"I do."
"And what do we do in the castle?"
"We ride bikes." Well, no one ever built me a castle before. I was rather touched. Then, he asked me to sit with him while he did a puzzle. I think he's a bit enchanted with me.

H, however, is not enchanted with me. "Before snack," I said, "we need to line up to wash our hands."
"No." That is all H said to me.
"H, you need to wash your hands."
"You're not my friend!"
"Ok, you still need to wash your hands."
"My mom loves me! You're not my friend!" (I don't know how these are connected. But he really meant it.)
"Moms are good for that. If you don't wash your hands, you don't get snack." (This is not a sweet kid we're dealing with right now. Attitude has reared its ugly head.)
"No. YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND." (H, I've got plenty of friends. I'm not here to make friends.)
"I don't care. Get in line."

Today, I looked at the dollhouse and noticed Barbie sharing a bed with Prince Charming. It was the absolute height of scandal as far as I was concerned! I know she broke up with Ken a few years ago, but I heard they were together again. Apparently they have something of a modern relationship now? (Facebook status: It's Complicated with Ken.) And Prince Charming! He really ought to know better! Way to further ruin it for gentlemen everywhere, Prince Charming. I am disappointed.

When H came in today, I was prepared for more attitude. When he asked me to help him with a puzzle, I thought we'd turned a corner. So we worked on a puzzle, and that was all well and good. But, apparently H thought we were Exclusive Puzzle Friends--I was unaware of that arrangement. When H got up for another puzzle, I turned to N to see how he was doing. And then H returned. "We're not friends?" Oh. Um, about that...
I explained that we were all friends, and let's check out that puzzle you picked out! Bob the Builder? Awesome choice!
And then it was over. As quickly as I was brought into H's circle of friends, I was unceremoniously shoved out. There I was, helping anyone and everyone with their puzzles with little regard for H's feelings! I hadn't realized how serious H wanted to be. Because of my indiscretion, we battled again over hand washing. In the end, he got in line--and promptly tried to wash his hands in the drinking fountain. Touché, young man. Point taken.

I love my job.

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