Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This afternoon I found myself stopped at a red light. Two middle-aged gentlemen were crossing the street, which put them walking directly in front of us. And one of them stared at me. The whole time. I don't mean that he looked at me and I! Am! So! Offended! Please divert your eyes, sir!
No. It wasn't like that. I don't mean he looked at me and thought to himself, "My her hair is shiny. It's captivating!" I mean he stared directly at me the entire time he crossed the street, in a "Where in my backyard should I bury her?" sort of way. I felt unsettled and locked the doors.

By now you're thinking, Why are you telling us this, Amanda? I'm glad you asked that. I think it's a good time to pass along a little pearl of wisdom to my gentlemen readers. Ready? Pens poised over notebooks, prepared to jot this down?

When you're looking at a woman (or really, any human being in any situation) it's really important that you not look like you'll end up on the news. When you're making eye contact, tone it down. If you're looking at a woman, and her eyes are darting around like a scared woodland creature who's been cornered by a're doing it wrong.

Thought you ought to know!

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