Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paranormal Decorations

I was on the phone with my BFF the other night when I noticed a new Halloween decoration--some sort of cat. It looked like there was a spring involved. As I listened to a story, I absentmindedly toyed with it.

It's more than a spring. It's awful. I do. Not. Like it. I may have shrieked in surprise. My BFF, who had not been telling a scary story, was concerned. "Um..." was her response.

When I told her what horrors had occurred, she said, "Hey, it's like that air freshener you hate." (Readers may remember my Epic Battle from earlier entries.) I shuddered at the memory. And because misery loves company, I thought you'd like to see just what sinister objects are being brought into my home. (WARNING: Not safe for children. Or the weak-at-heart. Or super lame people like me.)

Not. Ok. Happy Halloween!

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