Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scenes from my absence.

About a month ago, my older brother and his wife were in town. Then my older sister and her daughter came over for a while and we hit the mall. Sister-in-law wants to stop in Victoria's Secret.

Enter: my older brother, his wife, my older sister, her daughter (16), my twin, my mom, and myself.

I eyeball my brother, and ask if he's ok with this. He seems fine. Well, ok....

We all start wandering around, asking advice and giving opinions. You I notice my brother looking less confident. I ask if he's having any luck. "Ahh..." he starts. "I just realized how weird it was to be here with my mom, sisters, and niece. I don't want to see what anyone's looking at."
Later, finding some undies with IRRESISTIBLE written across the back, tell me I did not show remarkable restraint. I put them down rather than holding them high, shouting his name, and asking my big brother if he thought they were over-the-top.

A sign of maturity? It just might be.

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