Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quite a present.

Kids, I am back. It was a rather spectacular trip. Stories to come, I assure you--they're worth hearing! While I was away, I had a birthday. (Whoo! Yes?) Because of that, the twin and I exchanged pictures once I got home. I opened my large gift bag to find a green messenger bag. Thanks, Amy...it's awesome! A bit more...utilitarian...than the bag I would normally choose for myself, but it's nice!

Twin: "Since it's our 24th birthday, I decided you needed a Jack Bauer themed gift!"
Ahhh, I see! A classic Jack Bauer bag! I do love him. Nicely done! But it's heavy! Something inside?
Oh yes. I pulled out the following.

Thiiiiiiis....is a hacksaw. Thank you?

I don't know what to do with this. And, dear twin, it is by far the most bizarre and disturbing thing you have ever given to me. Can you explain to me why you got me OH MY GOD A HACKSAW! I get it!
The bag isn't the whole Jack Bauer gift...it's a whole kit! And now I can be like Jack and cut the heads off of my enemies to give as gifts! Or rather, I could if my father hadn't dulled the blade for my safety. (Thanks Dad!)

Among the rest of my bounty: handy maps and books, a badge, handcuffs, and dart gun! Not shown: the blueprints of a building, a nightscope, and my sister-in-law's broken PDA.

Despite all the work the twin clearly put into this project, and the fact that it is truly awesome, I will always remember it as the birthday when Amy got me a hacksaw.

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