Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some things are more important than bitching about the shortcomings of an entire gender. (But seriously, boys, shape the hell up.)

THIS WEEKEND. The American Cancer Society is holding their annual 24-hour Relay for Life in Dearborn. Check out the website! Do it.

Reasons you should attend if you are within driving distance of Dearborn, MI:

1. Hi, it's about the fight against cancer. I shouldn't need to list any other reasons.
2. There's always a theme going on around the track and some sort of on-stage entertainment. (Excuse me, toga hour? Yes please.)
3. I will be there for the full 24 hours. This means two things. First of all, you'd get to see my lovely face. Second of all, you could come bring me coffee and make my day. I love visitors.

In all seriousness, it's a great event. It goes from 10am Saturday (May 3rd) to 10am Sunday (May 4th). This year, it will be at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. (That's 15801 Michigan Ave in Dearborn if you're looking to google map.)

Because we can go back to complaining about men on Monday. (Or DURING Relay, if you come see me....hint hint.)

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