Sunday, March 25, 2012


I spent Saturday in Royal Oak. It was a fabulous day and I always wonder why I don't venture out there more--it's not that far from me. If you're in the metro Detroit area, there are a couple places I highly recommend. 
First of all, go eat at what crepe. Everything we ordered was delicious. I was full all day. 
Then, go check out Lost and Found Vintage...because it is so much fun, you guys. I bought the cutest handkerchief in the world. Check it out. 
HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I laughed out loud, and that's a pretty good sign that something has to come home with me. (That's how it goes with boys sometimes, too, AM I RIGHT LADIES? Just kidding, gross.)

If I ever go on another date, I assure you this will be in my purse.

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