Wednesday, December 29, 2010


With the exception of that hateful holiday kissing plant, I love everything about Christmas. I love that everyone comes back into town and I get to drink margaritas with my partner-in-crime. I love the many delicious foods. I love having two weeks off to see everyone and recharge my batteries...and log some extra time on the treadmill due to aforementioned treats.

And I love Christmas presents. Of course I do. I won't lie to you. (You wouldn't believe me anyway.) There is something deeply satisfying in choosing a gift for someone. But also? Opening a gift is a whole other delight. It's a very telling thing, to see what someone chose for you. What object made someone in your life say, "Hey now, there's something Amanda should have." (And in some cases, "Amanda will not hate this and I drew her name for Secret Santa.")

Which...makes Twin's present to me this year a bit puzzling. Twin regularly goes to the local antique store for my gifts--I have some sweet pink elephant bar glasses from one year. She selects awesome things, knowing my penchant for anything your average grandmother might have lying around. This year, she got me an awesome fortune teacup--it's covered in various symbols for reading tea leaves. This perfect. Well done, Twin.

But she also got me...this.

I will let you be the judge as to what this says about our relationship. For the record, we don't know these children. We only know this is from a Detroit-based photographer. I will go on a limb and suggest that these empty-eyed children are not, in fact, near the water watching sailboats. This was probably the most popular background for photos. Similar to the lasers for anyone in elementary school during the 90s. If you do know these children and are offended by my liberal use of the word "creepy"...sorry but seriously these kids freak me out.

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