Monday, June 15, 2009

I pointed, too.

I spent Friday night at the bar with some friends watching game 7. (I do not want to talk about it.) The whole bar was clad in red and white, cheering on our boys. In walks this couple, he in a bright green polo shirt (don't even ask if the collar was popped because you know it was) she in a bright pink tank top that allowed us a good look at her cleavage. They went up to the bar and ordered drinks, then remained there due to the prime location--right in front of the largest television in the place. She stood with her arms around him, back to the TV. He, clearly, stood with his eyes glued to the TV. She tried oh so hard to distract him, and he obliged her, as they were kissing and snuggling and all manner of things inappropriate for public. However, no matter how hard she tried--and this lady was putting in some serious effort--he would not yield and give her his undivided attention. He was all about the game. And I? Readers, I laughed out loud.

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