Sunday, December 31, 2006

Toned down Tenacious D?

I don't usually do this, but I am dedicating this post to whoever wrote The Holiday. Specifically, the Jack Black character. You deserve a post, if not some sort of freaking statue to put on your mantel.
First of all, you managed to write a character that gives us the essence of Jack Black. It's like Jack Black Lite. And that is in no way a bad thing. Second of all, you put that Diet Jack into a romantic comedy , which I did not think would work. Anyone familiar with Tenacious D knows that JB is one of the people in Hollywood you would first name if you were to make a list of "People Who Will Not Fit the Romantic Comedy Mold." (This is perhaps one of the reasons I love The D so much.) I take back my statements regarding that. I take them back and I am ashamed I even thought them, let alone put them out into the universe. Because he is a great romantic comedy character. Totally believable.
My third and most important point is this: you made me like a leading man in a romantic comedy. Do you know how hard that is? It is a very difficult task--one previously thought to be impossible! Well done, writer(s)! Well done indeed. If this Jack Black character existed, I would have a serious crush on him that would make my readers think I was a seventh grade girl hanging up posters of Orlando Bloom. You would be embarrassed to be seen with me; my love would be so great.

So this goes out to you, whoever you are. Job well done.

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Geege said...

I must agree. I finally saw The Holiday the other night but before I did, I kept telling people (mostly my friends, not just random people on the street) that Jack Black as a romantic interest just wasn't going to work for me. I said it so often that I almost had myself talked out of seeing the movie. I'm glad I went though cause I was forced to eat my words. Eat them whole. With no condiments. He was great. I was WRONG...and I'm almost happy about that.