Saturday, October 06, 2012

But not a spoonful of sugar.

In light of a frustrating trip to CVS last week, I cleaned out my purse today. Not my whole purse. Every little pocket. (And I love little pockets.) There was the usual: wallet, pen, keys, mints. However, in addition to the things you're generally supposed to have in a purse as large as mine, here's a partial list of what I found. 

  • a bird finger puppet
  • coins from Brazil, Norway, Bulgaria*, Canada, and a German euro**
  • a seashell
  • a Tinkerbell charm which I believe fell off a keychain some years ago
  • notes I wrote after seeing a psychic
  • three coffee sleeves (Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Biggby)
  • two separate bets made with friends..."Amanda, you keep this because you won't lose it" YOU ARE CORRECT
  • a stray ribbon
  • a playing card from when I lived in Ireland
  • a diamond ring party favor
  • an allen wrench
  • a temporary tattoo from the Peter Pan bus line
  • a fortune telling fish
  • a venn diagram that Twin drew for me at the bar one night ***(see below for reproduction)
  • a coupon for a free pretzel from the mall (!!)
  • a shocking number of hair pins and safety pins and paperclips and band-aids and one of those coffee cup stoppers
  • five (FIVE) different lip products
I'll let you decide what all THAT says about me as human being/future hoarder/Mary Poppins-Little Mermaid hybrid. Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? 
I removed the ribbon, which will likely end up being the only damn item on the list I'll wish I had. 

Except that CVS card. I'll definitely keep wanting that. Sigh. 

*Yeah, Bulgaria is working on adopting the I won't even be able to use it. 
**Also, I haven't even been to most of those countries.

***figure A


Jason said...

I'm pretty sure CVS can look up your card with your phone number. Did they offer to do so?

Amanda said...

They did! But now this is more of a battle against my card--I KNOW it's somewhere...

Jason said...

Ha. Whenever I go, I follow the same pattern. I start by checking my wallet(spoiler: it hasn't been there in years), then I ask if they can look it up with my phone number(yes), I give them my cell number(doesn't work?! nooooo), I ask them to try my parents' number(it magically works!). I do this every time because I can't seem to remember that I've done this a billion times. Maybe I'll remember from now on because I've told you this. Maybe...

Amanda said...

Fingers crossed for you, Jason!