Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Adventures in Online Dating

You've heard me mention my twin, right? In case you're new to the party and are sitting there like, "Whoa, Bitter has a twin?? There are two of her? This gives me mixed emotions."...let me fill you in. First of all, you're probably smart to be concerned that there are two of me, but have no fear because Twin is a good foil for me in a lot of ways. Believe it or not, a lot of my bad ideas are the ones that made it past her filter. There are a lot of ideas that she stops at the gate. (You don't even want to know.) She's also the single most awesome person I know. 

You're caught up. 

Twin took herself out of the dating game for a long time, which we are all happy to blame on the Disgusting Troll Ex-Boyfriend of a few years ago. She decided to be brave recently, and also to get all of us off her back about it, and started online dating. She has quickly learned that many of the guys there are duds. Boring messages, overly philosophical messages, creepy messages. But one guy seemed cool! Nice! Friendly! Interesting! They chatted, they texted, they set up a date! We were proud of her! Good for you, getting back in the game! 

But I'm her twin. HER TWIN. I'm not about to let her end up on the evening news. "Local Artist Found in Area Man's Basement." Nope. Not happening. He may sound nice, but he's still a guy you met on the internet. Let's not go crazy. A friend and I went undercover and had dinner near the coffee shop where they met. We also tried to locate them from the roof of the parking garage. Everything checked out.

When Twin called me an hour into their date and was escaping, I was a little confused. An hour? That seemed a bit short. We met for ice cream and a debrief. As Twin and This Guy walked around, they passed a bondage store and he asked if she was into that. She said no, thinking that was a rather personal question for date one. "Ok," he said. "I am." 

Well alright then. This Guy is into bondage. That's a lot of information to get about someone you just met. Half an hour ago. Then he somehow works into the conversation that he used to date a stripper. (Attention guys: We don't really want to hear about your exes on the first date. ESPECIALLY THE STRIPPERS YOU DATED.) As if that wasn't enough information about his past, This Guy mentions that she also made porn. Oh, and HE WAS IN A PORN WITH HER ONCE. (It was at this point in her story that I choked on my ice cream. Did not see that coming.) The guy making these asked him because he's "big." 

Just to recap, in case your head is spinning from Overshare Syndrome, Twin met this guy for coffee, then before the cups were empty learned that he was into bondage, dated a stripper, and made a porn with her because he has a huge penis. 

WELL OK THEN. Twin was, let's say, a little surprised that he'd shared so much. When he invited her back to his place after an hour, she decided to make an exit. Guys, you have to leave ladies wanting more. Keep a little mystery in the relationship. Talking about sex on the first date is risky. This time, it didn't pay off for Porn Star. It's not quite like telling your date you're into chicken fajitas. 

My sister dated a porn star. It's actually a really fun sentence to say. 


Vesna said...

As someone who's done online dating (and actually married one of them), I had a lot of great stories in my match.com dating quest. However, your twin's story by far beats ANY of my crazy stories. You can even ask your cousin...she can attest to the crazies I met.


My best friend's cousin dated a porn star. Never thought I'd ever say that.

Jill Pinnella Corso said...

That is an awesome story. I ALMOST dated a male stripper in college once, even though I knew what he did. We never happened to meet up though. Years later I googled him and found out he was in Vegas and had done gay p0rn (although he was not gay), poor guy.

Amanda said...

Not judging anyone's lifestyle, but I am constantly AMAZED by the different men I meet. You can't make these things up!

Jill, we have a friend who went out with a stripper and it was awkward and Twin was SO. EXCITED. to trump her story. Stripper AND p0rn star...that's even better.

Jill Pinnella Corso said...

Yeah your sister's story is the best. Although it's not even the fact that he had done those things as he decided it was appropriate first date conversation. Super shady.

Beverly Donald said...
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Amanda said...

Beverly, as soon as she told me (and I almost choked on the ice cream we were eating) I said, "YOU HAVE TO LET ME BLOG ABOUT THIS." She's a good sister!

shanecastane said...

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