Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Since the world is ending anyway...

Inspired by my friend Kevin, I've decided that setting some resolutions for the new year wouldn't be the worst thing I could do. Since I'm at my best when other people are watching and ready to make me feel inadequate in the case of my failure, I'll let you read them! Feel free to mock me openly when I don't accomplish these, ok? 

1. I am going to stay on top of my inbox. This seemed like a trite resolution until I spent almost an hour clearing out my various email accounts a few days ago. (Do you realize how many sales I missed at Bath and Body Works?) So this year, I will not let things pile up. Not even my yahoo account that I reserve for newsletters, online shopping, and people I don't like. 
2. Get really and truly started on my master's degree. Not in a flirting way like I've been doing, but we're going to get serious. I'm going to tell facebook about our relationship and everything. 
3. I am going to be 100% more vigilant about zipping up my pants. I'm not kidding here, there were two days last month where I repeatedly discovered that my zipper was down, INCLUDING A TIME I REALIZED THAT I TAUGHT THE WHOLE MORNING IN THAT STATE. Not that my class would have noticed--I regularly have to tell kids to rebutton wonky shirts and switch their shoes to the correct feet--but it's not a good feeling. 
4. I am going to get back to the workout routine that I liked best/worked best for me. I've let it fall away and since we know I need to be concerned about the size of my ass, I need to get back on it. Ask me how it's going, Internet. Not right this second, because clearly I'm writing a blog post...I mean periodically throughout the year. Like, whenever you're thinking about me (I know you do). On a similar note, if you have any music suggestions that motivate you, let me know. I'm always looking for recommendations. 

You will notice nothing about men here. I am purposefully omitting this aspect of my life from resolution. I have enough weirdos, married men, men in other relationships, and emotionally wounded men in my life--I can't handle more. 
Here's to a decent 2012, readers! 

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